New project – control system for the pump station

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For one of our customers, which is the leading pump manufacturer in Europe, we perform a comprehensive modernization of the pumping station. The project consists in modifying the power supply and controlling the existing part of the pumping station, in which there are four 1.6 MW, 6 kV pumps operating directly from the power supply. The efficiency regulation was done by velves. Additionally, the power supply and the control system will be installed in the new part of the pumping station, in which four 355 kW and 690 VAC pumps have already been installed.

The scope of works and deliveries made by Control-Service includes: an electrical and automation project, supply of control cabinets based on Siemens S7-1500 controllers and Danfoss frequency converters FC-202 AQUA Drive 400 kW, servers, workstations and software for a control system based on the TIA Portal and the Wonderware System Platform. The system controls the work of the entire pumping station, but first of all, it is responsible for running medium and low voltage pumps. The remaining parts of the pumping station controlled by a system made by us, are capacitor banks for directly supplying power to the medium voltage pump, medium voltage switchgear, transformer/measuring station and object fittings. We created a visualization in the InTouch SCADA, which is part of the Wonderware system platform for controlling the work of the pumping station. A medium-voltage 1.6 MW, 6 kV frequency converter produced by Siemens is used to supply power and control medium voltage pumps, while low voltage pumps use 400 kW, 690 VAC Danfoss frequency converters, which in this project are responsible for providing water for the one of the largest power blocks in Poland. A Profinet network was used for communication between the devices. Both the medium and the low voltage pumps work in a cascade that provides the most optimal and economical operating conditions.

The project will significantly reduce the electricity costs. The modernized system will ensure full work flexibility and will minimize downtime in the pumping station operation.

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