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Our company specialises in robotizing production processes at our clients’ facilities. This enables them to develop dynamically, increase work efficiency and competitiveness. By choosing our solutions, a modern and reliable company can be built which guarantees the highest quality of its products as well as of the safety and comfort of its employees by employing robots to carry out the heaviest work.

Robots are ideal for working with dangerous substances, hot materials or very heavy activities requiring great precision, monotonous tasks and tasks carried out in limited spaces. The robots we use in our systems have lifting capacity from 0.5 to 1000 kg and enable a very wide range of applications.

Industrial robots are most frequently intended for:

  • painting, varnishing,
  • palletizing, depalletizing,
  • grinding, polishing,
  • bonding, welding, cleaning,
  • operation of machines , presses and welding machines,
  • welding, laser cutting, founding,
  • work in chemically aggressive environment,
  • work in extreme temperatures,
  • installing and testing the elements, pick&place,
  • collecting, sorting and packing small parts,
  • unloading and reloading machines.

Why use robots?

  • 24/7 reliable work
  • fast speed of performed activities
  • low operating costs
  • great precision can be translated into better quality of products offered
  • production process flexibility, possibility of reprogramming robots to perform different tasks
  • possibility of receiving EU grants for innovative solutions
  • quality repeatability
  • lower production costs and higher efficiency can be translated into greater competitiveness

Why robotize production processes with Control-Service?

  • we carry out risk and security system analyses
  • we implement actions comprehensively and professionally
  • we develop concepts and projects for the entire application along with its mechanics, power supply, controlling and visualisation systems
  • we implement ‘turn-key’ projects
  • we provide warranty and post-warranty service
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