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We provide professional and comprehensive service support for electric drives. We are an authorized distributor and partner of the Danfoss company. Our warehouse holds a great number of spare parts and devices. Thanks to our knowledge and experience we can provide our clients with immediate service support and the option of renting frequency converters.

As a part of our service support intended for Danfoss electrical drives, we provide:

  • workshop repairs of damaged frequency converters and soft starters,
  • on-site repairs, also outside normal working hours and on non-working days if necessary
  • periodic inspection,
  • start-ups,
  • drives’ rental,
  • replacement of drives along with installation and integration of new devices with the control system,
  • application solution tests based on our devices along with result analyses.


We provide 24/7 service hotline tel.: 12 269 75 82


Periodical inspection

We carry out periodical inspections which reduce the occurrence risk of failure and extend devices’ operating time. This reduces costs of repair and minimizes the risk of losses caused by, e.g. sudden downtime. We attend specialist training courses related to servicing Danfoss drives, which are confirmed with suitable certificates. Our clients can be confident that our services are of the highest level.

Periodical inspections include the following:

  • cleaning and maintenance of subassemblies of electronic power converters,
  • checking the status of electrical connections,
  • checking the status of electronic subassemblies, particularly of intermediate circuits’ capacitors, and IGBT transistors of inverters and rectifier’s,
  • static measurements without load – measurements of gate resistance, voltage drop on input rectifier diodes and IGBT bypass diodes,
  • dynamic measurements – oscilloscope current profiles, output and input voltage with load, current gate pulses of IGBT transistors, DC voltage level measurements in converter’s intermediate circuit,
  • control of converter’s software, alarm log and archiving measurement results on a CD.


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