Control - ServiceWdrożenia2016InBatch production system with production simulator at Stepan Company
InBatch production system with production simulator at Stepan Company
Chemical industry

This project began a long-term cooperation that continues to this day.

There are many requirements for the safety management of production processes in the chemical industry. Dosing, mixing and processing of raw materials by means of chemical reactions takes place in a closed system, which increases the safety of employees. In addition, the control system ensuring well-thought-out blockade management as well as precise maintenance of the assumed process parameters, ensures the safety of employees, the production process and high quality of the final product.


  • Increase of operational efficiency
  • Reduction of servicing costs of the control system through the implementation of globally used solutions and reduction of maintenance costs
  • Improving the control of process parameters, increasing the repeatability and quality of the product
  • Reduce the time of introducing a new product to the market and waste reduction


  • Very short time to implement and switch the system
  • Strict safety requirements in the chemical industry
  • Alarm and Interlock Management to ensure the safety of installations and employees
  • Creation of a simulator representing the production process and operation of the entire factory


  • Wonderware InBatch
  • Wonderware System Platform
  • Wonderware InTouch
  • Production process simulator
  • Siemens Simatic S7-1500 controllers
  • Danfoss VLT® FC302 Drives


  • Increasing production capacity / shortening the production cycle by approx. 2 hours for some products
  • Precise control of the parameters of the production process
  • Improving the quality and increasing the repeatability of the product


Stepan employees during production preparation

Stepan, the chemical company , is the world’s largest producer of aromatic polyester polyols. Production plants are located in North America, China, Germany and in Poland – in Brzeg Dolny.  Based on decades of experience and knowlegde as well as thanks to the the usage of innovative technological solutions, Stepan offers products of the highest quality, ensuring ease of processing  and excellent properties of final products. Our offer for local and global customers includes polyester polyols for production of: composite and insulating panels with a core of polyisocyanurate PIR foam, insulating spray foams,  technical insulation, C.A.S.E. (Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants,Elastomers), flexible foams.







The decision to implement the new system took into account the optimization of production costs, reduction of maintenance costs, and the need to reduce the cost of production of the old control system, but above all, the scalability of the solution on terms of plant expansion.


Control-Service employees during the work on project

The only solution already proven to meet the operational objectives and policy of advanced process safety was considered. Wonderware is a standard in Stepan factories all over the world, therefore, Wonderware products became the main components of the control system.

Stepan engineers were looking for a system integrator to cooperate in the project. One of the criteria was to have adequate competence, to use global standards and to use programming methods that would allow efficient programming and implementation of the advanced control system. Control-Service company met all these criteria and that is why it was entrusted with the implementation of the system.

Wonderware InBatch, while executing production, sends control signals to the devices and monitors their status, reacting dynamically to the occurring events. Having a complete system model containing information about raw materials, InBatch is responsible for all aspects of batch management including: selection of devices and starting batches on particular devices, process control, blocking and releasing devices, history of batches, material consumption, production, real-time management of batches and precise reporting of production in order to optimise it.


symulatorProduction process simulator created by Control-Servce



Use of appropriate software:

‘Wonderware InBatch is an ideal solution for process manufacturing in such industries as pharmaceutical and cosmetics, household and industrial chemistry
as well as food production. Customers using Wonderware InBatch increase the utilization of their machine park, improve operational efficiency and shorten the time to market for new products.’– Arkadiusz Rodak, Product Manager, ASTOR


Cooperation with competent Stepan engineers:

‘Cooperation with Stepan engineers was very fruitful. Their knowledge and experience, perfect understanding of the process, openness to new solutions and focus on common goals made the implementation a success.’ Damian Majchrowski, Control Systems Sales  


System integrator flexibility during project implementation:

‘We get support from them whenever we need it, whenever we ask for it. Thus for us, Control Service is not just our supplier, but our trusted partner.’– Luis Felipe Rangel, Process Controls Engineer at Stepan company


Creation of software simulating the operation of the entire production plant:

‘Control-Service developed the simulator according to our guidelines: they made it so good, it replicates the plant operation so realistically, that we could thoroughly test everything and improve the parameters of the production process. The result of system optimization, using the simulator, was shortening of the production cycle time and improvement of product quality. (…) The first batch of product after replacing the system with the new one was of better quality than the same batch produced using the old system.’ – Luis Felipe Rangel, Process Controls Engineer at Stepan company.



We invite you to watch the movie that briefly describes the implementation of the new system:


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