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We have been gaining experience in building industrial automation and control systems for over 20 years. See our realizations:
103Automation system for the Refining Installation along with accompanying devices and installations2023
102Development and first industrial implementation of innovative technologies for recycling lithium-ion batteries and catalysts with metal recovery of strategic importance2023
101Visualization of a cogeneration system (WinCC) for a sewage treatment plant2023
100Development of a data aggregation system for the MES system2023
99Development of a production visualization and reporting system (WinCC) for mining and metallurgical plants2023
98Migration of the PCS7 System version 5.0 to version 9.1 in the energy center for the Carlsberg Group2023
97Design, programming, delivery and commissioning of the control system for the nitric acid concentration installation2022
96Migration of the BMS system while maintaining the existing functionality, integration of the visualization system (WinCC) with the BMS system2022
95Implementation of a reporting system enabling monitoring of working hours and planning inspections of technological devices2022
94Migration of S5 controllers to S7-1500 – monoblock with a conveyor system2022
93Control system for resin condensation reactors with a recipe module and a production process simulator2021
92Development of an HVAC and BMS system for the Logistics Center at Śnieżka Company2020
91Migration of S5 controllers to S7-1500 – batch production of tobacco flavoring2020
90InBatch production software system for the emulsion paint and putty production department2020
89Modernization of the exhaust fan drive system - Delivery and assembly of four 500 kW Siemens G120X frequency converters, parameterization and commissioning of drives together with changes in the Siemens S7 controller2020
88Implementation of the control system installation for condensation resins for decorative laminates production plant (InBatch production on Wonderware platform)2020
87The monitoring system of media consumption by the manufacturing plant, visualized on a video wall2020
86Migration of the Mine and Glass Sands Processing Plant control platform of the Mine and Glass Sands Processing Plant (7 pcs. PLC S5 / S7, 4 InTouch stations)
85Implementation of the central media monitoring system of for production plant2019
84Control system for four WLM 2.5 boilers in the MPEC boiler room2019
83Integration of the SAP system with the InBatch production system of a paint production plant2019
82Modernization of the pumping station - Implementation of the control system based on the Siemens S7-1500 controller and visualization in the Wonderware InTouch visualization software together with its implementation, commissioning on site, staff training and technical support2019
81Rotary kiln control system2018
80Implementation of the power supply and dust control system2018
79Expansion of the 6 kV RG HTC switchgear control system - Implementation of the S7-300 software controller, implementation of WinCC visualization software2018
78Construction of the control system and commissioning of the robotic foundry line2018
77Modernization of the glass production line - replacement, assembly, programming and commissioning of 25 drive systems (gearmotors and frequency converters)2018
76Implementation of the control system of the new technological line for the production of water paints - batch production system built on the basis of InBatch Wonderware software and
Siemens S7-1517 controller
75250 kW mill control system with HMI panel and Siemens PLC as well as Danfoss frequency converter2017
74Modernization of the pumping station - Implementation of the control system based on Siemens controllers and Wonderware System Platform as well as delivery and commissioning of a Danfoss 4x400 kW frequency converter in a cascade system2017
73Chemical reactor’s control system for polymers production, S7-1500, InBatch, Wonderware Platform.2016
72Control system for dosing of Dispal, S7-315.2016
71Supply and control system for zinc coating furnace, S7-1200, TP-1500, WinCC Flexible.2016
70Control and visualisation for air conditioning and ventilation systems in ceramics’ new production hall, S7-315, WinCC, TP1500.2016
69Control system for brewing liquor, S7-1200, WinCC Flexible.2016
68Modernization of palletizer – migration S5 to S7, S7314.2016
67Media visualization on a video wall for car manufacturing plant, S7315, WinCC.2015
66Control system for palletizing line, S7-1200, WinCC.2015
65Control system for pump cascade, S7-1200.2015
64Control system for chemical reactor, S7-1500F.2015
63Automation system for cooling tower, S7-1200 WinCC Flexible.2015
62Cascade pomp control system for automotive plant, S7-315, WinCC.2015
61Modernization of packing line, S7-313, WinCC Flexible.2015
60Control system modernization with migration: Simatic S5 to S7 for CiP station brewery, S7-315, WinCC.2015
59Frequency converters installation, PLC and HMI software update for HVAC system in automotive plant, S7-400, WinCC.2014
58Software design for crushing plant including unloading system, S7315, WinCC.2014
57RGHTC switchgear  automation implementation to the central visualization system.2014
56InBatch production control system for Ftalowe Paints Department, based on Wonderware Platform, S7-417.2014
55Device integration and P1 and B3 filling line data concentration for MES system, S7-414.2014
54Modernisation of pulp node and hydrotransport control system, S7-3152DP.2014
53Control and visualization for ventilation system – P1, P2, BBT Halls; S7315, WinCC.2014
52Pump cascade system with control and visualization, S7315, WinCC.2014
51A special water cascading system for the new production plant, S7315, WinCC.2014
50InBatch production control system for Ftalowe Paints Department, based on Wonderware Platform and PLC Siemens S7-416.2014
49Multi-pump cascading PWP drive system.
48Implementation of BMS central system, monitoring, visualization as well as plant’s security and media consumption data reports, Wonderware Platform.2014
47Control system for pallet transport with completed product from production division to MWG warehouse, S7-3152DP, TP Siemens.2013
46Control system for Pallet Transport, S7-313.2013
45Software preparation and batch production control system start-up on Wonderware InBatch platform for Chlorokauczuki Production Department along with switch boxes prefabrication and installation, S7-416, Wonderware Platform.2013
44Ventilation control and visualization system – B3 production hall, S73152DP, WinCC.2013
43Ventilation control and visualization system – B4 production hall, S73152DP, WinCC.2013
42Control and visualization for ventilation system – warehouse, S73152DP, WinCC.2013
41Modernisation of T13 conveyor belt carrying coal along with Danfoss 75kW frequency converter integration and commissioning.2013
40The supply and start-up of switchgear with 400kW frequency converter to supply the car glasses heat up fan.2013
39Modernisation of 45kW fans control – inverters and switch boxes supply and installation + power cables replacement.2013
38The palletizing line PLC S7-300 controller software.2012
37The palletizing line automation system.2012
36The glycol cold store control system, PLC S7-1200.2012
35Preparation of heat recovery wheels power cubicle for Belchatow Power Plant power generating unit’s modernised BB-1150 boiler.2012
34Production of carbon filter control system in the syrup manufacturing plant – electrical part + IT systems – S7300.2012
33SUW area carbon filter modernisation, S7-300.2012
32TK01 water tank automation – the supply and installation of automatics elements, electric installation, pneumatic, software, visualization in PCS7v6 infrastructure system.2012
31Complete control system preparation for softened water pumping modernisation S7-315.2012
30Optimisation of palletizing line conveyor module – software S7 and VLT.2012
29Acid tanks control and visualization systems, S73152DP, WinCC.2012
28The supply and start-up of power supply and control system for collagen casings production line.2011
27Modernisation of Hot Gases Fan drive system. The supply, installation and start-up of fan power and control systems with engine and 315kW frequency converter.2011
26Building Epichlorohydric from glycerol installation production. The supply of switchgears with 110kW frequency converters – S7 software and operating panels.2011
25The complex deoxygenated water pump system in the bottler building, S7300.2011
24The supply of power and control cubicle for syrup manufacturing plant – Line L1, S7-3152DP.2011
23Ventilation control system for brewery storage facilities – S7300 system and visualisation on WinCC.2011
22Dehumidifiers control systems – filling line modernisation – software S5, S7, visualisation correction on panels (Protool), WinCC, supply, installation and Danfoss drives start-up, complex cabling.2011
21The renovation of palletisers and depalletisers – filling line, drives replacement, S7 software correction.2011
20Buckets with paint positioning system for pallet transporter.2010
19250kW fan drive system modernisation. Celma engines (2 units), Danfoss inverters (2 units) supply and start-up along with electrical system.2010
18The supply and start-up of switchgears with 400 kW switchgears (3 units) to supply and control the fans cascade.2010
17Vacum pump drive modernisation along with Danfoss VLT 3000 frequency converter replacement for FC-302P30K.2010
16Preparation of heat recovery wheels 4 power cabinets for Belchatow Power Plant.2009
15The supply of switchgears (8 units) for the underground garage automation and ventilation installations.2009
14The supply, installation and start-up of tank level control system in filtration buffer tank along with beer delivery to TKF pump drive system modernisation.2009
13The power and control cubicle for two pumps: supply, installation and commissioning.2009
12The supply, installation and commissioning  of Danfoss frequency converters (25 units 75 kW).2008
11Power and control system for rotary furnaces and dedusters.2008
10The supply of switchgears with Danfoss 75 frequency converters and 250 kW for fans drives.2008
9Tank pressure control system completion.2008
8The supply and start-up of 2x 250 kW fans drive system with power quality convertor.2008
7The complex plant modernisation – 75 kW electric fans drives automation, agitators, conveyor belts, switchgears supply and installation.2008
6Switchgears preparation to control three 132 kW pumps, one 37 kW pump as well as two 92 kW pumps and one 26 kW pump.2007
5The control system and drive’s preparation, stove circuit pumps (2 units) with frequency converters (engines: 75 and 200 kW, voltage 500 V).2007
4Modernisation of hot water pump control system in Huppmann brew-house.2007
3The supply, installation and start-up of Danfoss 6062 frequency converters (20 units 45 kW) for fan drives.2006
2Preparation and commissioning of cold water control system for boiler room.2005
1BBT tanks pressure control system preparation along with installation and start-up.2004
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