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Plan your production from A to Z

The batch systems we implement allow for planning and accurate execution of batch production – i.e. dispensing certain components to mixers, reactors or tanks according to the set recipe. Dosing of components follows a certain order and suitable weight, volumetric and molar proportions. By using Batch it is also possible to programme additional process phases such as batch heating or cooling, mixing and resting.

Batch systems greatly facilitate work organisation. Production is possible in many containers simultaneously. The system independently reserves the necessary devices, provides proper dispensing routes, interlocks or reserves auxiliary containers and mixers, controls raw materials’ stock or receiving receives warehouses’ stock so that scheduled production can be carried out.

Batch systems are reliable and are most frequently used in the chemical, petrochemical, food and pharmaceutical industries.

By entrusting batch system to Control-Service engineers you gain:

  • reduction of production costs – thanks to the materials’ management functions which enable precise and real-time stocks monitoring and management functions, reducing the size to the minimum needed,
  • production process shortening – thanks to flexible production modelling without the need to introduce any changes to control systems, the central recipe database, and thanks to the full control over the sequence of production phases,
  • improvement of production ratios – thanks to production repetitiveness according to the modelled process as well as production parameters modelled by a production engineer,
  • process continuity warranty – thanks to the ability to configure the redundant pair of servers,
  • possible expansion – thanks to building applications out of independent elements.
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