We are the members of Polish Automation and Robotics Forum

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FAiRP, or Polish Automation and Robotics Forum, was established last autumn. The main objective of the association is to support companies operating on the Polish market betting on the digital development of the economy, using automation and robotization of production processes.We utterly support the validity and necessity of such activities, that is why we are one of the founding members of FAiRP.

Genesis of the FAiRP

FAiRP is the result of a discussion around the robotization tax credit. The discussion focuses on entrepreneurs who are interested in investing in the digital development of their companies, as well as entrepreneurs who provide and implement systems in manufacturing plants. The common denominator is the belief that the development of modern solutions is a necessity and a step into the future.

The difficult global situation has also shown that we cannot always count on international suppliers. Many hindrances in the global supply chain prompted us to look for, for instance, production components, in a closer, more local environment. Due to that, we have found out how many well-educated and experienced engineers and solution developers Poland has to offer.

In connection with the abovementioned, Polish Automation and Robotics Forum was established – to organize these discussions and bring together the suppliers of new technologies as well as investors to facilitate contact with them.


Members of the association

FAiRP members currently consist of 20 Polish companies that together discuss, educate and share experience as well as their thoughts on the development of the Polish economy through automation and robotization. The exchange of information results in new conclusions and new ideas, which, in the future, can provide us with a competitive advantage in the global market.

Together we can do more, which is why we rely on this multilateral, fair-play cooperation. Together we aim to make our country develop faster as we will along the way, using our own resources and showing the value that we represent.

Read how to join FAiRP here: https://fairp.pl/jak-wstapic-do-zwiazku/


Main objectives

The main objectives of Polish Automation and Robotics Forum include:

– representing and supporting Polish entrepreneurs in the automation and robotics industry,
– integrating the environment, i.e., exchange of experience,
– cooperating with business communities and non-governmental organizations
– supporting science and professional education,
– co-creating and providing opinions on regulations and good practices in the field of automation and robotization,
– influencing the formation of legislation.



You can find more information about the association here: https://fairp.pl/o-nas/, while to follow the news we encourage you to follow the account on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/fairp/

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