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Regular employee training is a crucial element contributing to the competitiveness of any organization. However, according to surveys conducted in Poland, as many as 67% of employees believe that employers are not doing enough to support their development. We can work together to break this trend, especially in industrial companies – let’s examine the specific benefits that come from investing in the skills of your workforce.


Training enhances employees’ competence levels, increasing their effectiveness in performing their daily tasks. Right from the start of their collaboration, courses facilitate an understanding of company standards, thereby minimizing the risk of errors.

Employees who have the opportunity to enhance their professional qualifications have greater knowledge about potential hazards and respond better in crisis situations. The result is an improvement in workplace safety, an extension of the lifespan of installations, and a reduction in costs related to unplanned downtime. The ability to perform specific machine and equipment repairs reduces dependence on external service teams, leading to greater savings – not only in terms of money but also time.


Furthermore, the availability of training programs sends a strong signal to employees that the company cares about their development. This, in turn, can increase motivation, loyalty, and engagement in their work. Regular training can positively impact how the employer is perceived. Managers also benefit from this because they have an experienced team with high morale and enthusiasm for their work.



At Control-Service, we support our partners in this area. We have prepared a training offer related to topics such as frequency converters and PLC controllers, among others. Our courses allow participants to acquire knowledge about industrial devices or systems and develop practical skills in a controlled environment, either online or on-site at the partner’s location. We start our training with some theoretical explanations to ensure that all participants have the necessary foundations.

The next – and most important – stage is working with the device or system. We dedicate at least 70% of the time to practical sessions. For example, during training at our facility, each participant receives their own interactive workstation, allowing for the effective assimilation of new knowledge and mastering specific scenarios. During these sessions, employees learn about the capabilities of devices and installations and deal with everyday situations, such as programming and proper parameter management. Completing the training provides the skills and knowledge necessary to independently identify and resolve common malfunctions – crucial for maintaining operational continuity.

Competence development is a long-term process that should be carefully planned to maximize its benefits for both individual employees and the entire organization. It is important that the training program within the company incorporates gradual development, allowing time to test new skills in real organizational conditions.


Contact us through the form on our website at https://control-service.pl/en/offer/serviceofdrives/trainings, or simply give us a call and let us know which topics you would like to address.

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