Even shorter downtime: remote support

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Commissioning, parameterization, as well as repair and diagnostics – each of these activities can be carried out remotely. The additional use of the right tools will reduce the time – be it downtime or diagnostics itself.




To a large extent, we associate maintenance activities with on-site, in-plant work, or with shipping equipment and installing temporary solutions. However, many error messages signaling malfunctions or failures can be dealt with by maintenance teams on site, just by contacting service engineers.

Remote cooperation with experts means, first of all, shorter downtime, each hour of which often costs hundreds of thousands and – in the case of large companies – even millions of zlotys. Remote cooperation allows you to reduce time regardless of the level of complexity of the situation. If the solution to the problem does not require specialized tools or spare parts, the specialist can remotely suggest the next steps necessary to resolve the crisis. Otherwise, i.e., with high complexity of the service issue, contact with specialists and transfer of all the necessary information, allows preliminary diagnostics, and thus – better preparation for the action and its efficient implementation.

The easiest way to handle such a request is to contact us by phone. We ourselves handle incoming calls 24 hours a day, so we know that it is sometimes difficult to communicate, especially when the reporting party has not encountered a similar case before. It is not easy for him to tell, and difficult for us to understand. Therefore, we have prepared a solution for easy communication through remote support of our partners.

Helmet for remote servicing

The CS-RHC (Control-Service Remote Helmet Controller) helmet makes it easy to remotely contact the service and carry out: 

– diagnostics

– minor repairs

– commissioning, as well as

– parameterization of frequency converters.

By contacting us remotely, you can also become better acquainted with the equipment that operates on a daily basis in your plant, and – by the way – improve your own competence through active participation in individual activities.

You can find detailed information about the device on our website: https://control-service.pl/en/offer/serviceofdrives/remote-support

Reliable and safe solutions

When designing a helmet for remote service of drives, we focused first and foremost on functionality. That’s why we equipped it with a headset with active noise cancellation so that it can be used even in noisy rooms. An additional feature is a camera that transmits high-quality images, allowing service engineers to provide precise information regarding the next steps. Importantly, if you want to show a harder-to-reach area, thanks to a magnetic link, you can easily remove the camera. The helmet connects to the network in two ways – using Wi-Fi or LTE.

Remote collaboration not only in offices

Remote work is still associated with the typical home office, but increasingly elements of remote cooperation are also appearing in manufacturing plants, thanks to Industry 4.0 technologies. Industrial sensors collect data from which processes can be visualized, monitored, and optimized. With cloud solutions, on the other hand, the activities just mentioned can be undertaken from anywhere in the world. Digital tools and platforms additionally support competence enhancement – we ourselves use them for online training in programming and operation of inverters.

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