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Control system for resin condensation reactors with a recipe module and a production process simulator
Chemical industry

How to commission a resins plant ensuring the highest product quality and process safety.


  • High quality and repeatability of the product
  • Safety – automation of individual steps of the process
  • Possibility of quick implementation of the control system
  • Easy and intuitive way to modify recipes
  • Flexible and quick modification of the product portfolio


  • Short commissioning time
  • Strict safety requirements in the chemical industry
  • Process simulator implementation


  • CSim process simulator
  • Wonderware / AVEVA BatchManagement
  • System Platform
  • Siemens S7-1500
  • InTouch


  • Precise control of the parameters of the production process
  • High quality and repeatability of the product
  • User friendly interface for operators
  • High quality product from very first batch
  • Zero loss on startup

The investor offers a wide range of products that can be used in various ways in the construction, furniture and interior design industries. Thanks to extensive experience and knowledge as well as the use of innovative technological solutions the company offers products of excellent quality.

Continuing the mission of providing premium class products the Ordering Party invested in a modern factory of resins used in the production of, among others, laminated panels.

As in majority of greenfield projects, the challenge was to build an installation which meets the designed assumptions, allowing for the creation of high-quality and repeatable products. Due to the growing demand on the consumer market, the priority was to launch the installation in a short period of time.

At the beginning of the project, during the arrangements with the Investor, priorities, possible challenges and the action plan were set in accordance with the assumed milestones so as to achieve ambitious goals in line with the project objectives and schedule.

Commissioning at the plant



In the chemical industry, where we have to deal with a complex production process that takes place under strict conditions, there are many requirements for the safety management of production processes.

It is about both the safety of the process and of the personnel involved in production.

High emphasis on maintaining an appropriate level of safety contributed to the idea of creating a production process simulator – Digital Twin, which turned out to be of a key importance for the full success of the project.


The simulator created by Control-Service engineers is a mathematical model that reflects the real production process. The software is fully integrated with the target SCADA application as well as with the production process control and management system, as well. It enables production and operators’ training in a virtual environment with the usage of the target user interface.


Thanks to the simulation of all technological values, the software realistically mirrors the operation of a real resin condensation system, including an interface for creating and modifying recipes. This allows for adjustment and fine-tuning of the operating parameters of the installation and for the elimination of mistakes and waste of raw materials when starting the system.

Moreover, apart from the benefits strictly related to production, the simulator integrated with the target system gives the possibility to train maintenance workers in the scope of the control system code analysis in order to react quickly in emergency situations.

Additionally, in order to support the maintenance services, a diagnostic system that informs about possible irregularities in the operation of devices has been implemented.




The software prepared and tested in this way made it possible to implement a control system that carefully manages the precise maintenance of the parameters of the production process.This allowed the user to obtain high quality and repeatability of the product from the first production order.

The people involved in the project, both from the investor’s and integrator’s side, are of a key importance in the success of this type of implementation. The achievement of the assumed goals was possible thanks to their cooperation, great commitment, clearly defined goals, precise development of the process technology and readiness to take on ambitious challenges.

Over time, the project turned out to be an interesting challenge for both parties, as well as the opportunity to use algorithms, programming tools improved over the years and the experience gained. These enabled rapid implementation and commissioning of the control system that meets the customer’s expectations.


The project initiated a permanent global cooperation with the Investor with whom together we create solutions for the implementation of subsequent projects in other locations.



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