We have created a new media monitoring system

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It happens very often that our customers have SCADA systems for monitoring the work of all the devices which are producing and consuming various types of media in the plant. The existing systems are perfect for monitoring work and failures, but they are not suitable for convenient reporting of media consumption in particular periods: day, month, year. In production plants, there are usually separate systems for accounting electricity consumption which cooperate with billing counters. However, they can’t cooperate with counters of the other media and, e.g., atypical measurement values.

Due to that we have created the software which is able to control consumption of each medium in every production department and socket, as well as the amount of media which are produced for one’s own needs (e.g. heat, compressed air) by individual devices. For data collection, you can use every possible form of reading the media consumption from existing devices, e.g.: impulses, instantaneous consumption, counters. The data collected from monitoring devices is standardized in the PLC of the SCADA system and properly classified in the SQL Server database, which allows us to achieve a consistent form of their presentation in the form of user-friendly reports.

The media monitoring system, which was created by us, collects data regardless of the existing SCADA system. Data is aggregated and collected by the SQL Server database. For the presentation of the data, we prepare a series of reports which are suitable for the user’s needs. The system operators have access to the reports by a web browser. Each report can be printed or saved in the appropriate format. The task of a collective list of media consumption, which once required numerous treatments, has since become a simple activity not involving the investor’s resources.

Eventually, the client receives a user-friendly tool to estimate the demand of media consumption in the production process. This tool allows also to specify the most energy-consuming areas of the production process, helps reducing the costs and increase the production efficiency.

The system has already been successfully implemented several times.

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