Reliable systems thanks to proactive frequency converter service

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Regular service activities are an essential element on the way to achieving 100% reliability of the organization. Performed by qualified specialists, they allow you to maintain the optimal condition of the infrastructure and ensure the functioning of devices and systems implemented in the facility. They are the foundation of competitiveness and increasing the efficiency of enterprises.


A detailed analysis performed during the service provides the organization with knowledge about the condition of individual devices, and thus enables making the right decisions to reduce risks and increase plant efficiency. In this way, DrivePro® Site Assessment provides a complete overview of functioning frequency converters. Service activities allow the company to ensure the highest productivity of equipment and implement maintenance plans that bring savings and eliminate the risk of expensive downtime. Inspections carried out by experts with many years of experience cover devices throughout their life cycle and taking into account every aspect of their operation.  

Verification of device parameters and environment

    As part of the service work, the environment in which the frequency converters operate is checked, which allows precise determination of maintenance needs. Verification of technical data of devices and their detailed diagnostics becomes the basis for creating detailed reports. They include precise recommendations for individual infrastructure elements, including suggestions for repairs and regeneration.


Case study: Carlsberg brewery in Brzesko


The impact of regular service activities on the operation of the infrastructure can be seen on the example of the Carlsberg brewery in Brzesko, which annually produces over 4 million hectoliters of beer. A proactive approach to maintenance ensures the highest efficiency and reliability of water supply and ventilation systems equipped with frequency converters. We are responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the installation.


– The level of reliability is also related to the safety of production and the certainty of meeting production plans. In this context, knowledge of the condition of the drives and a preventive approach to equipment maintenance are crucial. As far as the current operation of the system is concerned, failure-free operation since 2012 is a very important aspect – emphasizes Krzysztof Grodny, Electroautomatic Manager at Browar Okocim.

    We also maintain drives and soft starters in other plant applications. Service care includes audits adapted to the production plans of the plant, cleaning of devices and replacement of damaged components, fans or capacitors. The priority is always the regeneration of devices, which increases their lifespan and allows you to reduce infrastructure operating costs. As part of the cooperation, the brewery can also use the drive rental whenever the waiting time for repair or delivery is longer.

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