Comprehensive production support in the VUCA era

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Comprehensive production support in the VUCA era

Modernity, we have come to live in, can be expressed with the acronym VUCA. V, from English volatility, meaning the pace and the scope of transformations which are increasing. U letter stands for uncertainty expressed in the increasingly difficult prediction of variables, C refers to the complexity of phenomena. The last element shows ambiguity meaning that many cases require extensive analysis explaining phenomena.

Such conditions on the market do not make life easy for the entrepreneurs who face, among the others, the consequences of high inflation or increasing energy prices. On the other hand, entrepreneurs have to meet contractors’ as well as consumers’ expectations with regard to product prices, operational reliability, decarbonization and digitalization increase. All these are compounded by the company’s own needs to improve profitability and competitiveness. The question remains: how to deal with such challenges?

DrivePro® Site Assessment

In this context, it is worth to ensure the efficiency of the systems and installations operating in the company which helps to avoid unforeseen downtime. That is why, it is a good idea to choose to conduct regular technical audits to verify the risk of machinery and equipment failure. For example, our DrivePro® Site Assessment makes it easy to read data from available drives and prepare a plan to optimize operation by adjusting parameters, as well as a maintenance schedule that will increase the predictability of future expenses. Well-planned maintenance effectively reduces production downtime, which results in limiting financial losses.

Drive rental

If it turns out that any of the devices is not fully operational and needs repair, we take it to us, and instead we offer one of the replacements from our rental to prevent the processes from stopping. The decision to overhaul equipment instead of replacing it solves two of the previously mentioned challenges – it lowers costs while helping to reduce environmental impact.

The frequency converters we have for rent are not only for emergency situations, by any means. With the help of frequency converters you can evaluate the improvement of energy efficiency under real conditions and you can prove the validity of your concept relating to potential savings resulting from lower energy consumption and better motors’ operation, as well.

Test at Engine test stand

Mindful as we are of the reliability of operations at our customers’ companies, we test each and every repaired device in an engine test stand. By simulating daily loads and operating conditions, we make sure of the safety as well as the efficiency of the refurbished drive.

Remote support

In case of less complex failures or the need for quick diagnostics, we can take advantage of new technologies and collaborate remotely. For maintenance specialists in companies, we have prepared a helmet for remote monitoring, which they can use without any problems even in noisy halls. This way, facility employees get instructions from our engineers and are able to quickly fix a problem, as well as delete a message about a previously unknown error. It is worth remembering that the baseline of the kit includes the helmet that meets all Health and Safety standards while the worker is further protected in an appropriate manner.


Having new competencies that make it easier to find your way in a changing world is what we consider particularly significant. That is why we conduct training in the field of operation and programming of frequency converters, but also communication with PLC and other issues in the field of industrial automation. Our goal is to make maintenance departments and other staff working on the systems we implement feel confident with the new solutions and willing to use their complete capabilities. As employees who are unprepared for new roles and changes may feel resistance to them, the outcome is usually less beneficial changes.


With these few examples, it is a proper illustration that achieving climate neutrality, reducing costs and facilitating processes, can start at the site. If you would like more details, please contact us

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