Rental of drives

We provide rental services of Danfoss frequency converters. We have over 40 devices which feature a wide power range (from 0.37 to 250 kw).

By using our rental service, a client has an opportunity to check in practice the benefits resulting from the use of an inverter in his system. The client can also find out what savings are related to this solution and, on the basis of the measurements performed, select a model matching his requirements.

The rental of drives is also an ideal solution in the event of sudden failures or when waiting for a delivery. This is crucial to ensure unhindered production processes and to avoid financial losses by avoiding cases of sudden downtime.

The list of devices available for rent:

L.p.Woltage[kW]IP housingFilterBrakeNamePower SupplyInternal no..
10,5566R1FCD3053×380-480V 50/60 Hz1
20,7520H1FC301PK753×380-500V 50/60 Hz2
30,7520FC051PK751×220-240V 50/60 Hz17
40,7520FC051PK751×220-240V 50/60 Hz18
50,7520jestVLT28071×200-240V 50/60 Hz25
61,1C IP20VLT35023×380-415V 50/60 Hz5
71,1C IP20VLT60023×380-460V 50/60 Hz16
81,120jestVLT28111×200-240V 50/60 Hz44
91,1B IP20VLT50023×380-500V 50/60 Hz27
101,120jestVLT28113×380-480V 50/60 Hz39
111,120brakVLT28111×200-240V 50/60 Hz26
121,5IP55R3FCM3153×380-480V 50/60 Hz7
131,520takFC051P1K51×220-240V 50/60 Hz38
142,255H1FC302P2K23×380-500V 50/60 Hz36
153B IP20takVLT50053×380-500V 50/60 Hz12
164IP20H3takFC051P4K03×380-480V 50/60 Hz13
17420H1takFC302P4K03×380-500V 50/60 Hz43
18420H1FC302P4K03×380-500V 50/60 Hz103
19520A1takVLT28553×380-480V 50/60 Hz10
205,520H3FC202P5K53×380-480V 50/60 Hz8
215,555H1FC302P5K53×380-500V 50/60 Hz24
225,520brakVLT28553×380-480V 50/60 Hz31
237,520H2FC301P7K53×380-500V 50/60 Hz3
247,520takVLT50113×380-500V 50/60 Hz14
257,5IP55H1FC302P7K53×380-500V 50/60 Hz20
261120takFC051P11K3×380-480V 50/60 Hz19
2711/1520takVLT50163×380-500V 50/60 Hz41
281520jestVLT28813×380-480V 50/60 Hz23
2915/18,520R3takVLT50223×380-500V 50/60 Hz29
3015/18,520H1takFC302P15K3×380-500V 50/60 Hz42
311820MCD500-0043B3×200-525V 50/60 Hz11
3222IP21MCD 202-022200x440VAC 45-66Hz4
3322/3020takFC302P22K3×380-500V 50/60 Hz22
34223055H2FC302P22K3×380-500V 50/60 Hz35
3530/37IP21H1takFC302P30K3×380-500V 50/60 Hz45
3630/37IP55H2FC302P30K3×380-500V 50/60 Hz21
3730/3720H1 – A1/BtakFC302P30K3×380-500V 50/60 Hz34
3830/3755H1FC302P30K3×380-500V 50/60 Hz40
397520jestVLT81023×380-480V 50/60 Hz15
4075C IP54R3VLT81023×380-480V 50/60 Hz30
4190C IP54VLT81223×380-480V 50/60 Hz28
4213220brakVLT32003×380-500V 50/60 Hz99
43160/200C IP54VLT52523×380-500V 50/60 Hz32
44200/250IP21R0VLT53023×380-500V 50/60 Hz33


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