Production Process Simulator

A simulation of a production process is representation of characteristics and responses of production plant using mathematical models of objects and processes.

Control-Service Production Process Simulator

is delivered as an integral part of Process Automation & Supervisory System. Allows to run and test the Control System without the physical equipment. It gives an opportunity to test all Control System components, (including PLC logic, SCADA interface and Batch Management environment), to develop recipes and train operators.

The Production Process Simulator is an identical copy of an entire Control System finally installed at a plant floor.

Business Value

Increase competitiveness

The ability to test ongoing and future investment projects gives opportunity to implement solutions with the highest success rate.

Significantly decrease the risk of waste during startup.


Control-Service Production Process Simulator increase process, people and equipment safety, both during startup and operation of the production plant.

Empowers manufacturers to implement tested solutions, very quickly; while not interfering with production plans.

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Since 2001, Control-Service has been offering companies proven, reliable industrial automation systems. We provide modern control systems for production processes and batch production systems (InBatch), which we implement based on the Wonderware System Platform. The scope of our activities also includes the optimization of production and monitoring of production processes and media. We make software optimized for the user’s needs, ensuring our clients greater competitiveness on the market with a significant reduction in production costs.

We specialize in particular in providing systems for the chemical, food, automotive, construction and metallurgical industries.

The recipients of our solutions and services include Carlsberg Group, Coca Cola, Śnieżka, Kronospan, Kompania Piwowarska, Philip Morris, Orlen, Grupa Azoty and Volkswagen ..

Join the group of our satisfied customers to produce faster, more, more efficiently and cheaper!


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